Basic Technique of Throwing and Catching Basketball

The skill of throw  and capturing basketball is a basic skill that must be owned by basketball players. This exercise should be done intensively so to perform the passing accurately. The usefulness of ball skill on a basketball game is to work with a team or friends for the purpose made the  score as much as possible into the opponent's basket.

 Throwing and Catching Basketball

a. Technique Passing basket ball

Throw or passing in the basketball using two hands is many performed while playing. This throw is very useful for short passing with the calculation of the speed and accuracy. The accurate throw distance is usually about 5 to 7 meters. The technique of passing basketball using two hands is as follows:

  • Hold the ball using two hands
  • Elbow in buckling and hold the ball in front of the chest
  • Legs opened parallel to the attitude of the horses
  • Knees slightly bent, the body slightly leaning forward. Keep your balance and stay relaxed.
Passing basket ball

Throw or passing in the basketball using two hands is many performed while playing

b. How to capturing the ball  in basketball?

In addition to throws, capturing is also one of the important techniques in basketball games. The catch technique can be done as follows:

capturing the ball  in basketball

  • The position of the body slightly leaning towards the front and concentrate the weight of the body in both legs to get the full balance.
  • Knee position slightly in bend like the position of the horse's legs.
  • The position when capturing the ball, the fingers open the size of the ball and on the wrist tanga relax.
  • The recipient must observe the ball until he is sure that the ball is in his possession
  • Reinforcements should be picked up with a flexible wrist and finger
  • Do not direct the power of the ball, but tame the ball with a little following the direction of the ball movement, or when the ball has touched the hand then pull a little hand to back.