The Rules Of BasketBall Game

The rules of the basketball game include rules on means and equipment for basketball games, rules on game  to be obeyed by all participants, and arbitration rules of basketball games.

Rules for basketball games include:

1. Field Regulation

Under FIBA's official rules on basketball courts, the field is rectangular, hard and flat, and free of all obstacles. The size of the basketball court is:

  • Field length: 28 meters
  • Width: 15 meters

2. Size of Basketball

Basketball made of leather, rubber, or the like is round with the following size:

  • Roving: 75 - 78 centimeters
  • Weight: 600 - 650 grams

Air Pressure: If the ball filled with air dropped with a height of 180 cm to the floor of the lowest reflection is 120 cm and as high as 140 cm measured from the top of the ball.

3. Team

The number of basketball players in one team has 5 players and 5 players of the reserve.

4. Costume

Each player must wear a chest with a numbered chest or back number with a clear figure with the size as the following:

  • Hight number of Chest: 10 centimeters
  • High number of backs: 20 centimeters
  • Width number of chest and back: 22 centimeters

Costume numbering starts from number 4 to number 15. Each player is not allowed to wear the same number.

5. Game leader (referee)

Referee basketball game 1 person referee (referee), 1 person assistant referee (Umpire). Assisted by scorers and timekeepers.

6. Match time

When the basketball game is two rounds 2 X 20 minutes with intermittent break time for 10 minutes. If up to the end of the game the score is the same, then added with 5 minutes with a rest period of 2 minutes, if in addition 5 minutes the score remains the same then added 5 minutes and so on until the winner.

The latest rule about basketball time is the sitem quarter, which is divided into 4 rounds, 4 X 10 minutes.

7. The start of a basketball game

The start of the game begins with a jump ball or a springball in the middle of the field in a circle. The jump ball is thrown by the referee between the players of the two teams that compete.

8. Gold and value

  • Each incoming ball gets a score of 2
  • A shot made from a 3 point area gets a score of 3
  • The punishment shot gets a score of 1

9. The winner of the match

The winner of the basketball game is the team that gets the most points at the end of the game.

Time out

Each team is given the opportunity to time out twice for each round and once in each additional time. Time out will be given to one team after the scorers notify the referee with the bell as a sign and at that moment the game is also suspended.

11. Live ball / ball in game

Living balls are:

  • The referee has taken a jump ball position
  • The referee has placed his poisinya in the execution of additional penalties
  • The ball has been overpowered by throwers in a throw-in
  • Whistle wait sounds when the game occurs 30 seconds of violation

12. Dead Ball

In a ball basketball game is declared dead if:

  • There was a goal
  • An error occurred or a violation
  • A ball holds or a ball is snagged on the basket support
  • End of the game round

13. Ball Hold

The ball is declared stuck / hand ball when two players from two teams facing each other to control the ball together with both hands. The game will start with a jump ball between the two players.

14. Rule 3 Seconds

The 3-second rule in a basketball game is that the player who controls the ball should not stand in the opposing conditional area for 3 seconds. The three-second rule does not apply if:

  • The ball floats in the air by firing a shot
  • The ball is overrun by the opponent

15. Rule 5 seconds

A player is declared a foul if the player who controls the ball does not pass, shoot or roll the ball for five seconds either being guarded or not.

16. Rule 10 seconds

In the rules of basketball games, each team must not play the ball more than 10 seconds on the back line.

17.Rule 30 seconds

That is the team that controlled the ball live within 30 seconds should make a shot to score goals.

18. Ball Back

The team who are playing the ball in the opponent's area. Then the ball is returned and the ball back to back. This situation is declared a violation.

19. Violation

Violation is an act of breaking the rules in the game and as punishment is the loss of the ball

20. Mistake

Mistake are actions that do not comply with rules that involve physical contact with an opponent or an unsportive action