What is the Meaning PIVOT In The Basketball

Pivot is a spinning motion with one foot  while holding a basketball. Pivot spinning motion should not shifting the foot. If it is sliding then it includes the violation. The rotating motion can be up to 380 degrees. Pivot done by basketball players in order to save the ball so as not to be captured and loose into the opponent's hand.

PIVOT In The Basketball

The movements that a player can perform after a Pivot are

  • After the pivot then dribble (bring the ball)
  • After the pivot then passing (throwing the ball)
  • After the pivot and then shooting (firing the ball)

How to do Pivot? Pivot's basic technique is:

  1. Choose one of your feet as your foot axle and transfer your weight on it.
  2. You are free to lift and move your other legs as long as your foot shaft is not moving.
  3. After completing your pivot, go back to the basic attitude and get ready for the next step.

The Pivot can also be done when a player will shoot or pass a basketball to his partner. A player can rotate and move with one leg fixed in place, on the floor. The legs are selected as "axis", or "pivot legs", and if your legs is  shift then there is a violation.

An advanced Attacker player will often take advantage of the Pivot in a position that will make it difficult for the defender to stem his attack.