Advantages And Disadvantages of Double Round-Robin Tournaments

Double Round-Robin system tournament is considered more good just than single-elimination system. Because in the Double Round system all the match participants will meet to compete. The losing team  still have a chance to advance again to the next round provided that in the second game and three can earn a victory and can collect good value. Unlike the knockout system, any team or participant who suffered a defeat in the preliminary round then he is no longer eligible to compete in the next round. Maybe this is a bit disappointing. But that is the case in the single-elimination system rule.

Although the Double Round system is in a fairer sense because it still gives the opportunity to the participants who lost in the preliminary round to make up for his defeat in the next game, But the Double Round system also have Disadvantages. One of them is if the participants of the game quite a lot, for example there are 30 or more participants. It will take a long time to finish the game. This certainly takes more cost, time, and energy to complete the competition match.

For example in a football Tournament. All teams must do the match by meeting one participant with the other by completely. For example, in a tournament there are ten participants, each participant will meet or compete with the other nine participants. Indeed the system is more fair but cost and time more than the other game system.

Double round-robin

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of Double Round matching system:

The advantages that can be obtained by each participant if using Double Round system is as follows:

  1. Each participant is given the opportunity to face each other or compete with other participants.
  2. The final outcome of the tournament or match becomes a mirror of the real achievement of a team.
  3. The match held can be used as an assessment to see the strengths and weaknesses of each participant.

The weakness that can be gained by each participant if using Double Round system is as follows:

  1. It will take time, cost, use of equipment and supplies, and the energy not a bit of it
  2. Participants who have no strength  can be predicted will not be able to compete with other participants until the organizers just feel overwhelmed.

Based on the above assessment it can be concluded that this system can be used if the participants who follow the tournament or the game relatively little, participants who follow the tournament or match have a balanced quality, budget costs, equipment and officers sufficient, and participants who come out as winners are expected to reflect real achievement.