Terms of Being the Referee of Football matches

The referee in a football game is like a judge who is required to be honest and justice. In addition, The referee task is also enforce  the rules of football for the game to run smoothly, the task of the referee also decided every disputes. A referee in a soccer game must meet certain criteria and conditions. To be a referee in a football game must meet the following conditions:

  1. Healthy body according to doctor's statement (not glasses, not color blind, and have good vision).
  2. Age between 24 to 40 years
  3. graduate high school or equivalent.
  4. Understand and execute referee appointments.
Some equipment and clothing that a football referee should wear:
  1. Referees should wear short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts and wear soccer shoes that conform to the standard.
  2. Whistle, usually the referee tied his wrist whistle.
  3. Notes (small notes) and stationery.
  4. Timers such as watches or stopwatch.
  5. Coins used for sweepstakes.
  6. Bring a yellow card and a red card.
Referee's Duties

The duties and responsibilities imposed on a football referee commences when the referee sets foot on the playing field until the game is over and the winner has been determined. Here are some of the tasks of a football referee:
  1. Enforce all the rules and enforce them in a match.
  2. Do not side with any team with the intention of making a profit for another team. Make decisions on teams that commit offenses and sanction according to the rules.
  3. Make notes or notes during the game.
  4. Responsible for giving the team the right to indirect or direct free kicks.
  5. Responsible for penalty kick.
  6. Responsible to provide warning and warning to players who commits a fraud in the form of a yellow card warning (minor offense) or red card (hard offense / remove the player).
  7. Have the right to either stop the game temporarily or completely discontinued.
  8. Checking and determining the ball to be used in a match according to predetermined conditions or not.
  9. In addition, in a football game of course in charge of arranging and keeping the game running well and according to the rules not only a referee only. There are line judges and reserve referees who play a role to help each other fill in the shortcomings and work together until the game is over.
The duties of the linesman as follows.
  • Helps the task of a referee enforce rules in a match.
  • Giving referees whether players are offside or not.
  • Determine which team is entitled to throw-in if the ball goes through the side line and determines the direction of the ball.
While the task of a backup umpire are:
  • Responsible for taking care of the player changes.
  • Remind by gesturing at the referee if the match will and or has ended.
  • Entitled to ban the official of a team if anyone enters the field for any purpose or reason.
  • Receive a gesture from the referee regarding the value recorded during the match.
  • Replaces the referee's position if the main referee can not continue the task