Approachment for Smash Workouts Volleyball

Learn to set timing to hitting smash ball in volleyball can performed  with several  approach. The ability to performing the good smash are very closely related with the volleyball player skills. Like in others sports, the skills of smash perform can developed with approach. For the someone that new be to volleyball workouts, to perform the smash are a something that no easy. Sometimes have learning the steps, start taking first step, jumping, hitting, and landing, in theory all have been studied.  But,  when performing  to practice the beginner still difficult to taking a right time to jumping to welcome the ball. Sometime jumping too fast and sometimes are late. Then how to workout to skill smash that can to hitting the ball with right timing jump. Following the several approach that done  by beginner volleyball players to perform smash drills.

Stage 1: Standing in front of net with lift both hands.

This workouts for measuring how high hands smasher can reach above the net. The good smasher able to  jumping with his hands reach above the net to hitting the ball. So when the jump should be half the length of the player's hand is above the net, and not just his fingers alone.

Stage 2: Jumping and catch the ball that soaring with both hands

For new be players to jump to meet the arrival of the ball is something that is difficult to do. Approach By catching the ball while jumping can make an idea of the right timing jumping to the arrival of the ball to smash.

For this step, the player can set the appropriate footing and timing to hit the ball at the highest point or rebound the ball in setting movement.

Give the players set  on whether they are early or late and also on their body position in relation to the ball. They must grab the ball at the top of their jump, not on the road or on the way down. A good body position when hitting the ball is the ball right in front of the body, not vertical overhead.

This approach stage can be repeated up to 20 jumps or 20 repetitions. After the player can do this stage two, then move to the next stage

Stage 3, Learning to Smash Together with  Setter.

At this stage the player has started to memorize with the timing of the ball. Players can meet the ball's  arrival to smash with the correct blow technique.