The Basic Technique of Blocking Volleyball

The blocks in volleyball is efforts to blocking smash from opponents with jump and spreading both hand on the net to purpose blocking the ball that come from opposing smash for returned to the opponents field area.The purpose of blocking are to holding of opposing attacks. The defense in the blocking  technique can be the holding of attacking opponent in order the ball that smashed by opposing are can’t crossing the net. The blocking also to slow down of swift movement the ball.So the ball more easy to controlled. As one of the important technique wich is much needed in volleyball, should be the each players is mastering for the skills of blocking.

The basics technique of blocking are:

1. Step to the right and left
2. Jumping with the both legs
3. Move the both arms to blocking or controling the ball
4. Landing with the both legs with flexibly

The fingers position when does the blocking are the both arms is in front of chest, the both palms position is to face to the net,  while the fingers are wide opened. Do  the maximum jump, the both knees bent more deeply while the postures body are rather leaning forward. After that, do the jump with both your foots. While perform the jump, swing the both hands by simultan. 

When the opponent smashers is hitting the ball, than the front blockers  is jump to immediately confront the ball with his both palms aim to the ball and trying to blocking the ball. When the both hands does contac with the ball, the wrist presses downward and forwards the front.  At the same time, The both hands fingers tensed in order to pressing the ball. The good blocking are when before the ball hitted, the hands of blockers have in the position to lock the ball. After contac with the ball, the blockers lending on the floor with the both legs. To doing the good blocking, the blocker must able to predict where aim the ball.

The Types of Blocking

1. The  Blocking  for  open ball smash

How to perform?
  • When the opponent players will to doing smash, The position of blockers is approach the opponent wich doing smash.
  • The hand position is in front of chast
  • When the opponent smashers perform the jump, then the blocker doing the jump to welcome the ball with vertical jump.

2. The Blocking for half  ball smash

How to Perform?
  • The blocker move to approach the opponent wich  will to perform the smash
  • The both hands raised  to above the  head
  • The blocker jump as high as possible

3. The blocking for quick ball

How to Perform?
  • The blocker move to approach the opponents wich going to smash
  • The both hands position are straightened
  • The blocker jumping at the some time with opponent smasher
  • The blocker is jumping as high as possible with vertical jump 

Noteworthy by a blockers are:
  • Pay attention to passing style of opponent receiver
  • Pay attention to setter style especially his eyes and movements, and don’t move before loose ball from the setter
  • Look the apponent smasher body language, where is movement  the smasher
  • The position of fingers or hands should not be in under waist. In order the hand movement more fast to reach block point.
The good blocker are must have the fast movements, able to quick reaction and smart to reading of opponent’s movements.