The Jobs of Referees II and Linesman Volleyball

In a volleyball game. Referee II is an assistant referee I and he can replace referee I if there is an obstacle so that referee I can not continue to lead the game. Some of the tasks of referees II are:
  1. Keep an eye on the player's position during the game. Likewise on the move place because a game set has been completed
  2. Keep an eye on the spare player sitting in the reserve seat. There may be a spare player whose wrong attitude or beyond the applicable rules should be reported to the referee I.
  3. During the match, should prevent the possibility of a reserve player warming up outside the game area.
  4. Supervise the amount of time out and replacement of players that have been done by each team, and report the data to the referee I.
  5. Refusing the submission of improper termination, granting a valid application and supervising the period of implementation.
  6. Can indicate another error without blowing the whistle even though it is not the dependent area, but should not press the referee I.
  7. Establish required or no drying of floor surfaces that are considered wet or slippery.

The Task of Linesman Volleyball

In international volleyball matches are required to use 4  linesman. If a match below the international level is allowed to use 2 linesman. The linesman is in charge of watching the ball in or ball out. The linesman is also responsible for signaling fouls of volleyball matches.

The linesman position during volleyball matches  are:
  1. If using 4 linesman, they stand in free space at a distance of about 1-3 meters in each corner of the field. His view faces to imaginary line that must be looked.
  2. If using 2 linesman, they must stand at opposite or diagonal corners at free angles to be able to keep an eye on the back and the side line closest to it.
The referee's position and all the assistant referees in volleyball matches can be seen in the picture below:

In giving explanations to the players, the referee and his aides use gestures. Various hand gestures used by referees and assistants in leading volleyball matches can be seen in the picture below:

Each team is entitled to play the ball as much as possible 3 times. A player can not play more than one ball in a row A service-winning team if winning a game is entitled to one additional point. 
Conversely, if it can not return the ball then points to the opponent. Live ball means starting to hit the ball serve until the ball touches the ground. When the ball service must be shipped first. The ball is declared in if the ball falls within the field line area or the ball falls right on the field line.